Established in the 1980s, ITI Electro Optics Corporation is a private high-tech company that originates, acts and diversifies as a leading technical oriented business organization in management of E-O and semiconductor material science, research, manufacturing and fabrication services for applications involved in:

  • Imaging Devices and Systems
  • Passive and Active Components for Fiber Optical Networking
  • Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers
  • Semiconductor and Electronic Components, Modules and Systems

ITI is also engaged in the area of design and manufacture for our clients as an OEM supplier to make passive and active components and modules such as interleaver, EDFA and some other related products for the applications of fiber optical networking and electronics.

Over the last ten years, ITI has teamed up with one of the most advanced imaging technology and manufacturing companies worldwide and the inventor of CCD technology and products Fairchild Imaging Corporation as a marketing and sales partner in certain countries and regions.

Our mission is to become the premier technological and manufacturing firm globally and to diversify business activities in the related sectors of our focused industries while maintaining our good name and the good reputation of our partners.  Toward to that end, we are dedicated to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and provide the best services and quality control as we have always done.

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